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STEP 1: Apply and sign the ICA at 

Please allow 30+ minutes to complete the application and ICA, and be sure to have your real estate license and direct deposit information handy! PLEASE select “YES” for text notifications and make a note of your onboarding reference number to be able to check your status online here>

STEP 2: Download eXp World THEN Schedule an eXp World tour ASAP! 

To download go to

To watch a quick video tutorial click here> SHORT eXp World Tutorial 

To schedule a tour contact us or tour with the eXp staff by emailing If you log into the world DAILY and do a status check with the eXp Onboarding staff it will expedite your process greatly! 

STEP 3: Immediately transfer your Real Estate License. 

Please reach out to us for questions or contact your eXp State Broker. Here’s the contact info for eXp's State Brokers:

STEP 4: *URGENT* After transferring your license, IMMEDIATELY update your MLS with eXp Realty as your broker. (If you do not, you will lose your MLS access)

STEP 5: Transfer your listings to eXp with your MLS.

Please contact your MLS for instructions first and then your state broker. State broker information can be found here>

STEP 6: Confirm Email Forwarding. 

You will receive an email with the subject "eXp Passport - Email Forwarding Confirmation". Click on the link inside to confirm and move forward with onboarding.

STEP 7: Passport Login Credentials.
You will receive an email with the subject "Welcome to eXp Passport!". Click the link to activate your eXp Passport account (it expires in 30 days):  *Please check SPAM/JUNK.

STEP 8: Onboarding Passport Appointment.

You can take the Enterprise Class in the eXp University or contact us to set up an Enterprise tour! This class or tour is where you can find out how to order business cards, sign up for KV Core, Regus office Suites, and tour your new accounts and back office programs that you have available to you now! After you receive an email with your business card coupon code you can order your business cards HERE.

At any point in the onboarding process, you (or those you are bringing to EXP) can reach out to us for help!

Contact Leigh Ann at or 503-830-6184

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