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22 Video Ideas for Explosive Growth

Agents who create consistent, quality real estate video content will see their businesses grow. Find out what to film and how to share it with this comprehensive guide.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video, with frame after frame, is worth a million words. We all know we should shoot more videos, but what types of videos should we shoot?

This list will give you 22 video ideas to help you take your business to the next level.

1. Unsolicited video CMAs

Providing homeowners with an updated valuation of their homes is one of the most valuable strategies you can implement for your business today. Providing it via video by recording your screen and explaining how you arrived at the valuation is unique enough to make you stand out compared to other agents.

Lastly, the fact that you took the time to provide it for them without them asking for it shows that they are top of mind for you. By proving they are top of mind for you, you will be top of mind for them.

If you’re curious about how to implement this strategy, check out this article where I explain the step-by-step process for creating impactful unsolicited CMAs.

2. Happy birthday video texts

If you’re looking for a personal way to say happy birthday to the members of your sphere of influence, it’s hard to beat a video happy birthday message. This could be done with a selfie video you text to them or a video message sent via email using BombBomb.

The key is personalizing each birthday wish in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd.

3. Home anniversary video texts

One way to personalize a video to a past client is to send them a personal video congratulating them on the anniversary of the day they bought their home.

Try this housiversary video script:

I’m not sure if you realize it or not, but today is the anniversary of when you bought your home three years ago. Congratulations! I hope you and your family are still loving the house as much as you did the day we closed. Have a great day, and let me know if I can ever do anything to help you in any way.

Notice I didn’t ask them if they wanted to sell their home? Simply add value and build relationships via these texts. If they are considering selling, they will let you know.

4. Video about hot sheet new listing

If you’re looking to show a buyer that you are going the extra mile, record your screen while you review the location, amenities and details of a listing that just hit the hot sheet. You can record your screen using tools such as BombBomb, Loom or Zoom.

This simple step has the power to cement your relationship with buyers who are more than likely receiving property updates from multiple agents.

5. Testimonial videos from clients

A study done by Bright Local in 2020 found that 79 percent of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The value of a testimonial video from one of your clients is invaluable. It gives you the ability to gain trust with prospects through them hearing first-hand accounts of how you do business with buyers and sellers with whom you’ve worked in the past.

The value of these videos compounds over time. Although the video may be shot today, it has the ability to help you win a client years in the future.

6. Testimonial videos for other businesses

How would it make you feel if someone recorded a video praising your business? Would you share that video with your audience on social media? Would you want to figure out how you could show your appreciation?

Now imagine the value of you recording a video highlighting why you love a local business. Not only will the owner of the business share the video on social media, in all likelihood, that business owner will look for ways to send you business as well.

7. Things to watch for in real estate series

Developing a series of videos about what to watch for is a great way to consistently build value for your prospective clients.

Here are a few title “things to watch for” ideas for this series:

  • What to watch for when buying your first home

  • What to watch for when listing your home for sale

  • What to watch for when reviewing an inspection report

  • What to watch for when qualifying for a home loan

These videos give you the ability to be seen as the information resource for all things real estate, and you get a little trust-building boost for giving the inside scoop.

8. Friday favorite properties

Highlighting a favorite property each Friday is a great way to consistently share property details on a weekly basis. These can be as simple as you sharing the details in a short video with a link to photos and additional details.

You could also do video walk-throughs of the highlighted property or a video highlighting your favorite feature of the home. Highlighting a Friday favorite increases your exposure as a consistent, trusted real estate professional.

9. Tuesday tips for real estate

Tuesday tips are another great way to consistently add value to prospective clients.

Here are a few examples of Tuesday tip topics you could share:

  • 3 quick and easy ways to increase your home’s value

  • How to make your offer stand out in multiple-offer negotiations

  • The home improvement that has the highest rate of return

  • The most important thing you can do before listing your home for sale

The more educational and entertaining these videos are, the more opportunities for business they will create.

10. Community videos

Creating videos that highlight your community is a great way to brand yourself as a local expert. By highlighting the amenities, lifestyle, and desirability of your community, your stature as a valuable resource will grow. Short community videos are doing extremely well on Instagram Reels and on TikTok right now.

11. 7 things to know before selling in [your city]

Specific topic videos are a great way to add value to targeted prospective clients. This video helps you to grab the attention of homeowners that are preparing to sell their homes in your city.

Sharing this video on YouTube and also on social media platforms with hashtags is a great way to generate new clients.

12. 7 things to know before buying in [your city]

Again, this is a great way to target buyers that are beginning the process of buying a home in your area. Remember to have a call to action at the end of the video to begin the process of earning their business.

Offering a free report like “22 Action Steps That Will Set You Up For Success When Buying a Home in [Your City]” is a great way to begin the process of earning the prospect’s trust and business.

13. Pop-by videos for absentee owners

Absentee owners or out-of-town investors provide a unique opportunity for you to add value. Taking a selfie video in front of their home letting them see the home is a great way to stand out from other real estate agents. You might say something like this:

I was driving by your home and thought about you. Here is a quick pan of the view of the house from the road, and everything seems to look great. I hope you’re doing well, and let me know if I can ever do anything for you. Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

These pop-by videos are like relationship gold for your absentee clients.

14. Overview of local schools

One of the biggest questions parents have when considering a move to a new community is the quality of the schools. By shooting a video explaining the public information about the number of students at the school, any accolades the school might have, and contact information for the school office, you have positioned yourself to capture the buyers moving to your area early in their buying process.

15. Professional listing videos

Investing in high-quality, professional videos of each listing you take not only helps you sell your listing, but it could also help you gain additional listings. The limited number of agents who invest in professional listing videos is astonishing. This creates another opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd.

16. New listing video walk-throughs

Video walk-throughs of new listings are a simple way to get quick exposure for your new listings using your smartphone. Distributed via social media, these walk-through videos are a great way to build an initial marketing buzz for your new listing.

17. Virtual open house walk-through

Just like the new listing video walk-through, hosting a virtual open house is a great way to create buzz for your listing with very little effort. Although open houses are extremely effective, video versions of virtual open houses provide an even bigger opportunity for people to see your listing. Going live on social media adds gas to your marketing fire as well.

18. Before-and-after videos

There’s a reason the reality shows about flipping homes do so well. People love to see the before-and-after transformations. If you are staging a home, managing a renovation before bringing a home to market, or just doing a landscape spruce-up prior to listing a home for sale, don’t miss the golden marketing opportunity of documenting the transformation through video.

19. Sales update for your local real estate market

This is one of the most underutilized opportunities to give an overview of the sales activity for the month. Utilizing graphs or visuals in these videos helps keep your audience engaged. Keep the videos short and packed with valuable information.

20. Neighborhood real estate sales update

Instead of doing an overall market overview, focus on neighborhood or small community sales updates. The number of views may go down, depending on the size of the neighborhood, but the quality of the views is dramatically higher. These videos are highly recommended if you are actively farming a neighborhood and looking to take more market share in that neighborhood.

21. The biggest obstacle sellers face right now

This title will capture the attention of homeowners considering selling. Whatever the obstacle is for your area, provide the solution and story about how you helped a seller overcome it. Focus on a call to action, like a free, no-obligation, 21-point pre-listing inspection you provide for sellers that highlights how they can maximize their home’s sales price.

22. The biggest obstacle facing buyers now

This title will also capture the attention of future buyers. Give examples of buyers who faced the obstacle, and share the stories of the adjustments you helped them make that led to them buying their dream home.

Include a call to action, like offering a free, no-obligation consultation on how to identify the ideal area, loan, and home for their needs.

Agents who create consistent, quality real estate video content will see their businesses grow. Now is the time for your business to grow exponentially and video can help make that happen.


April 01, 2022

Randy Byrd, Team Leader & Coach

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