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​"ATTRACT BOSS" Coaching Community
Choose your membership option...
  • 3 live weekly calls each month for members only
  • 24/7 Access to a private, BOSS-only community
  • 2 In-person events annually to forge deep relationships
  • Live roll play and objection handling exercises
  • CRM training and setup training for BOSS follow-up
  • Coaching and support from world-class coaches
  • Investment training: Rentals, Flips, and Investments
Cancel Anytime 
Everything the monthly membership gives you, plus…
  • Extended replay access of every Attract BOSS call ($299 value)  Listen and stream anytime. 
  • Access to previous Attract Boss calls and leadership recordings- (members paid $18,000 per year)
  • - Over 50 hours of content, scripts and access
            - Includes Q&A sessions with Randy Weekly
  •  New member welcome package and swag bag
PER YEAR- 3 months FREE
Enrollment only opens up off our wait list and we don't accept everyone...

Complete your application today and we'll put you at the top of the list to be considered when enrollment opens up again.
Attraction BOSS unlocks both your potential and that of other successful members. 

The Attract BOSS family is a group COMMITTED to building a Life worth Living. We will learn tactical and practical disciplines to take your financial future to new levels. Information and skill sets get what's yours! It's yours for the taking! 
We're teaching you the skills & lessons that we've learned while building one of the top organizations-TWICE!  You'll learn from our wins & losses, so when you face tough situations, you'll know exactly how to power thru them! You will have a tribe behind you! 
We're connecting you with other BOSS members in our community. You'll have access to a network of amazing people that you can go to when you're in a tight spot and need help.
So if you're ready to make the investment in yourself, then fill out your application now!
  • Group coaching calls for members only. There will be 3 live conference calls with us each month during the program. Each call will be with one of us coaches, and we'll even bring in people from our own networks to level up your business & life. Like A BOSS! 
  • On Live Calls, we do Q&A. You'll have the chance to ask us the exact questions you need answers to in order to grow in business and life. Real talk, real answers. 
  • Support system for CRM Mastery. You can expect to have follow-up systems done with you, automation, VA dialing options, and duplicatable processes for BOSS attraction. 
  • ​You'll get 24/7 access to your Attract Boss family in a secret online community, where you can interact & leverage the power of having an elite group of entrepreneurs and business leaders at your fingertips. Many resources, tools, shortcuts, and tricks of the trade. 
  • Get the opportunity to learn from us in person at Attract Boss Summits. Throughout the year, we will host various events that dive deep into specific topics, like marketing, company culture, leadership, and much more. As a member of the Attract Boss, you will have the opportunity to apply to attend these for an additional cost
  • ​Form strategic bonds with fellow members to expand your business, and even create new business endeavors. We expect members to see Time & Financial FREEDOM as the main goal. Wether it's investments, opportunities, or a shared network, we will focus on passive income opportunities. 
  • BONUS: You'll start by getting some unreleased content, never-before-seen by the public. Learn the 5 cornerstone lessons of Attract Boss directly from Randy which will lay the foundation for you to adopt and begin the Arete lifestyle
Your Membership in the Attract Boss includes:
Got a Question We Haven't Answered Yet?
  • What do I get in the Attract BOSS?
    • The Attract Boss includes 3 monthly live calls with Randy and the hand-picked coaches as well as special guests that we bring in to cover specific niche investment topics from time to time.
  • Will I get coaching or be coached?  
    • There will be group coaching. This whole platform is a coaching session! growth, break-throughs,  break-downs, and vulnerability will all be present. We must peel back on what has stopped you from succeeding before. Only 12% of ALL eXp agents figure this rev share thing out! 
  • When are the Attract Boss Summits & Live Events?
    We are working out the details on those now. We will make sure to tell you about events months in advance so that you can plan accordingly.
  • I'm just starting attraction and have no one. Is this for me? 
    WOW! If I could rewind the clock! YES, you are in the right place. There is no better opportunity anywhere as being involved in this from the start of your wealth-building journey! 
  • The Attract Boss is too expensive ... Are there any other options for me?
    Listen ... We get where you are at … and we’ve been there before too. We understand that you’re not in a position for that level of financial commitment yet. What we don't want you to do is to stretch financially just to be in. What I'd do in your case is spend the time on Randy's free content; they both have a ton of it on their top-rated business & entrepreneurship podcasts. Start there. Learn and apply that ... and you'll put yourself in a position to be ready the next time applications for the Attract Boss open up!
  • How many people are you adding to the Attract Boss?
    With the Attract Boss, Randy is committed to working with as many people as possible. While that is great from your side as far as getting their time, it also unfortunately creates some size constraints to the program as well. Due to that, the target for this group is to remain rather small. They are not looking to scale it at a massive rate and risk having some watered-down program. The strength and integrity of the group is far more important to them than having a HUGE group ... so they're keeping it small. Naturally it will grow organically over time, but neither Randy is interested in growing it to the point it would sacrifice the members' experience.
  • A friend recommended a different group that's cheaper. Why should I choose Attract Boss?
    For starters ... Attract Boss is not just a group. Attract Boss is a lifestyle ... Attract Boss is a mindset... Attract Boss is for WARRIORS!  There is nothing else like it.

    There is not another program out there at the same level of hands-on tactical tools as Attract Boss ... nothing. You will not gain better insight into yourself and your business than here. Discovering the principles of Arete and learning exactly how to apply them to your life from Randy will bring your life to a whole new level.
    If you're shopping your personal development on price ... you're doing it wrong. You deserve the best ... not the cheapest. As the old saying goes ... "Buy on price and you'll buy it twice."  Spend one year with us ... and the entire rest of your life will be significantly better.
    That being said, if you're not 100% certain that the Attract Boss is right for you, it's probably best to not complete your application.
  • How do I enroll in the Attract Boss?
    Enrollment for the Attract Boss is currently closed. When enrollment opens up again, you may enroll by paying for your membership and then filling out an application. If you'd like a priority for the next enrollment period, you can go HERE to complete your application today. If your application is declined for any reason, you will receive a full refund.
  • What if my question isn't answered here?
    No sweat. Just email us at if you have any other questions or issues completing your enrollment. Whatever it is, we'll get back to you right away and help you out.
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