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23 Video Content Ideas Every Real Estate Agent Should Make in 2023

Whether you’re going all in on video in 2023 or creating your first, these ideas will get you in front of more potential clients, position you as the local expert and get your creative juices flowing

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Video, video, video. It seems to be all we hear about when it comes to marketing our businesses. The biggest question most agents have is not whether they should create video content, but what should the videos be about.

The following are 23 different ideas for real estate videos that will help you attract your ideal clients.

1. 7 things to know before moving to (your city)

The key to titles is to create curiosity for the targeted viewer. This title specifically targets potential buyers considering moving to your city. The curiosity of potential buyers piqued by this title leads to a clicked play button.

The number seven is arbitrary, so feel free to make your list more or less. The key is to deliver on the title. So what are some things buyers should know? If you aren’t sure, a simple Google search should provide all the information you need. By compiling the information in one place, you become the local resource and expert.

Potential buyers moving to your city would be interested in:

  • Cost of living details

  • Education information

  • Yearly weather averages

  • Available activities and amenities

  • Population demographics

  • Average home prices

  • Available homes for sale and where to find details

2. 5 things people love about living in (your city)

This title gives you the opportunity to share some of the highlights of your city. Again, the number you share is up to you, but having a number in your title is a small detail that leads to more views.

Here are a few ideas on things people might love about your area:

  • The climate

  • The amenities

  • The parks, museums, or art galleries

  • The cost of living

  • The downtown area or other frequently visited areas

3. 5 things people hate about living in (your city)

Negative titles create curiosity and views. One of the best ways to turn this title around is to highlight a negative and then turn it into a positive.

Here are a few examples:

  • People hate our hot summers. But they love the fact that we have beaches, water parks, and public pools that are so refreshing on those hot summer days.

  • People hate our cold winters, but they love our mild summers.

  • People hate our traffic, but they love the fact that many of our most popular areas are walkable.

4. 3 most popular neighborhoods in (your city)

This is a video that any prospective buyer will want to watch. By providing details like the number of homes in each neighborhood, the history of the neighborhood, the average home price, and the amenities available, your perception as a local real estate expert will rise.

5. How much home will $500,000 get you in (your city)

This video could be made into a series of videos that utilize different price points. Focus on highlighting multiple options, including single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes. Highlight different areas or subdivisions, and include a link to homes currently for sale in the price range.

An effective way to capture leads is to purchase the URLs for different price ranges in your city, like $500,000homesforsalein(yourcity).com. Direct that URL to your website’s evergreen search for homes between $425,000 and $525,000.

Most websites offer the ability to set a lead capture pop-up that will ask them to sign in after viewing a certain number of pictures. If your website does not, a web designer should be able to put this together for you at a reasonable price. This is a great way to have an evergreen lead generation video.

6. 5 facts most people don’t know about (your city)

This video will attract both potential buyers and current homeowners in your area. You can find facts about your area through a simple search. Compile these facts, and record your video sharing the details about your area.

7. 3 things to consider when buying (or selling) in (your city)

This title can be utilized for videos targeting buyers or sellers. Here are a few things each might consider before buying or selling.

For sellers:

  • Where will they be moving to?

  • The ideal timing of their sale

  • Should they remodel or sell their home as-is?

  • Pricing strategies

  • Marketing plans

For buyers:

  • Financing options

  • How much home can they afford with their budget

  • The area that best suits their needs and desired lifestyle

  • Their ideal time to buy

  • Needs and wants in a home

8. 7 service providers everyone living in (your city) should know

This video serves multiple purposes. The first purpose is to provide homeowners and potential buyers with a list of service providers. This adds convenience to their life and enhances their view of you as the resource for your community.

The second purpose is to help local service providers promote their businesses. By helping them promote their businesses, you dramatically increase the likelihood they will share the video and send you referrals.

9. Interviews with local school representatives

Interviewing a local school representative provides an opportunity for them to share highlights about their school and for families with children to get a better feel for the strengths of the prospective school.

These videos build relationships with the school administrators and elevate a prospective client’s view of you as the connected agent in your local community.

10. Community overview videos

Community overview videos are extremely valuable for building your name recognition as the expert on a specific community. They also provide the ability to garner organic SEO traffic from YouTube searches. These videos are a great way to set yourself apart as the go-to person for any community you might be farming.

11. Restaurant and business owner interviews

Gary Vaynerchuk famously coined the idea of becoming the “digital mayor” of your city. This is accomplished by creating video content that shares highlights of your city and the people who make it special. The result of doing these videos increases the likelihood that people will think of you when they think of your city.

Interviewing local restaurant owners or business owners is a type of video that prospective clients love. These videos provide consumers with an opportunity to learn more about local businesses in the area, and they provide you with the ability to build relationships with the owners or managers of the businesses.

12. Now that your home is listed

The most frequent complaint about real estate agents is communication. A frequent question homeowners have after listing their home is, “what’s next?” Recording a video that goes over “what’s next” regarding marketing, promoting, and selling their home is a video that can be used again and again.

These videos provide homeowners with the communication they desire and a useful way for you to systemize your communication with listing clients.

13. Now that your home is under contract

This video shares the next steps and what homeowners can expect once they are under contract. It is another example of systemized communication that helps keep homeowners informed throughout the selling process.

14. Now that you’re under contract to buy your home

This video provides information on what buyers can expect now that they are under contract to purchase a home. Adding typical timelines and the order in which the inspection, title search, appraisal, and survey will be done helps the buyer gain confidence in the process and you as the agent.

15. Client testimonial videos

According to Testimonial Tree, 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. The value of video testimonials from past clients grows every day.

These videos could be the difference in someone choosing you over another agent in a competitive listing presentation, or they can give a buyer the comfort of choosing you as their agent. Either way, client testimonial videos are extremely beneficial for your business.

16. About me or real estate team video

People do business with people, and nothing gives people the ability to know you more than a video sharing your story about who you are. These videos attract your ideal clients while acting as a filter for the customers who are not a good fit.

17. The story of my favorite closing

Stories lead to connection. These videos give your potential clients a glimpse of who you are while sharing a story about your favorite closing. By sharing what is important to you and what made the closing your favorite, you will naturally attract more people like you.

18. Virtual open houses

Virtual open houses are a great way to expand the reach of your open house. These videos generate a buzz about the home while reminding your sphere of influence that you are actively selling real estate. They also have a shelf life that gives them the opportunity to be seen long after a physical open house is completed.

19. New listing video walkthrough

New listing walkthrough videos are a great way to create momentum in the marketing of your listing. They can pique the interest of potential buyers and act as a reminder to everyone seeing them that you are fully engaged in your business.

20. Real estate past client and sphere of influence check-ins

Keeping in touch with your past clients and sphere of influence is the best way to grow your business year after year consistently. A quick text video message or BombBomb email just letting them know that you are thinking of them is very effective.

Here are a couple of ideas on what to say in these videos:

I drove by your home this morning and was thinking about you guys. I hope you’re doing well, and let me know if I can ever do anything to help you.

I was thinking about how thankful I am for the people that have helped me grow my business in the past, and you came to mind. Thanks for everything, and please let me know if I can ever do anything for you.

21. Quarterly real estate market updates

Quarterly market updates are a great way to provide information clients desire and remind them that you are the resource for real estate information. These can be emailed to your database, posted on social media, or promoted on YouTube.

However, if you decide to deliver them, these videos are necessary for agents who are serious about growing their businesses.

22. Video updates for our listing clients

As the average days on market for listings continue to grow, consistent updates to your listing clients become increasingly valuable.

Recording a video on your laptop or computer going over the activity from the previous week, the feedback from any showings, and what marketing is planned for the coming week is a great way to keep the client informed and streamline the process by sending videos versus a phone call.

When I was carrying 40 or more listings, I would send these out to my listing clients every other Friday. Half would receive the updates on Friday, and the other half would receive them the next Friday. This systemized my communication with the clients and allowed me to control my schedule.

Utilizing a video for these updates — with a “call me with any questions” ending — is a great way to become more efficient in your communication.

23. Unsolicited video CMA

An unsolicited video CMA is a great way to add value to homeowners, generate listing opportunities and set yourself apart from other agents. For a breakdown of how doing one of these videos a day for 72 days generated over $11 million in new listings, check out this more detailed article.

Don’t let 23 video ideas overwhelm you. Choose one or two, and act on them today. Business growth is the objective, and video content is the way.


January 24th, 2023

Randy Byrd, Team Leader & Coach

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