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5 AI-Driven Social Media Strategies Real Estate Agents Are Missing

There are only a few generational technologies that come along with the potential to revolutionize the efficiencies in our businesses. ChatGPT is one of these

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ChatGPT makes finding your ideal social media audience easier than ever before. The newness of the technology has created an environment where innovative ways to use it are being uncovered at a breakneck pace. That’s what happened for us just two weeks ago when we saw a post garner a 40X increase in impressions over our average post impressions simply by using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has so many opportunities and applications to help agents, one is assisting us with optimizing our reach on social media. Recently we’ve seen social media platforms gain ground on search engines as the choice for online search activity.

A recent study by Meltwater and We Are Social found that 16- to 34-year-olds are now more likely to visit a social network when looking for information about brands compared to search engines (48 percent to 45 percent). This is creating an amazing opportunity for agents to position themselves as the local resource for all things real estate via social media.

This article breaks down five explosive ChatGPT social media engagement strategies most Realtors are missing.

1. SEO optimization for Facebook posts

One of our main jobs is to gain as much exposure as possible for our listings. As a company, we make it a practice to post all listings on our company’s social media platforms. Over the years organic Facebook impressions and engagements have decreased, but we still average around 1,000 impressions per listing post.

However, just a few weeks ago we began utilizing ChatGPT to optimize our Facebook post SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The following is exactly what we asked ChatGPT to create:

Write me a Facebook post caption for our new listing located at [address]. Make this post SEO-optimized and summarize the following listing description into three sentences. [Drop in the MLS listing description].

We loaded the three-sentence description it provided to our company’s Facebook page along with four pictures of the home. The results were more than 40,000 post impressions and over 700 post engagements. Although we have not seen the dramatic results we saw in this isolated post, we have seen on average a roughly 20 percent increase in impressions over the past few weeks when utilizing this simple strategy.

2. SEO optimization for Instagram posts

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri announced earlier this year that the platform had pushed video too hard and would return to more of a focus on photos in 2023. On top of that, the character limit was expanded for Instagram descriptions to 2,200 characters a while back, providing ample room for a detailed description of the photo or photos you utilize in your posts.

The use of search has increased on Instagram as well, so your request from Instagram should look something like the following:

Write me an Instagram post caption for our listing at [address]. Make this post SEO-optimized and summarize the following: [MLS listing description].

ChatGPT then provides an SEO-optimized post including emojis and hashtags. This simple one extra step before posting on Instagram can increase your post’s reach and engagement.

3. SEO-optimized content creation for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an often-overlooked platform for growing your personal brand awareness and lead generation. The algorithm for LinkedIn prefers written content in the form of blog posts or article-style content. This provides the opportunity to utilize ChatGPT in writing content that can be found via search on the platform.

The key is to identify your ideal client and ask ChatGPT to prepare content that your ideal client will find helpful. For instance, if your ideal client is a buyer moving to your city, your request for ChatGPT might be:

Provide me with an SEO-optimized blog post for LinkedIn on 5 reasons people love living in [Your City].

Or if your ideal client is a first-time homebuyer you might request:

Provide me with an SEO-optimized blog post for LinkedIn on 7 advantages of buying a home versus renting a home in [Your City].

If your ideal client is an expired listing, then your request for ChatGPT might be:

5 Reasons Your Home May Have Not Sold in [Your City]

Posting these articles consistently to your LinkedIn page will create an opportunity to attract prospects and LinkedIn connections.

4. SEO-optimized video scripts for YouTube content

You know you need to do more video content, but are you not sure what to say in these videos? ChatGPT takes care of this issue by easily creating an SEO-optimized video script for you. Simply come up with the title or subject you’d like to cover. If you’re still unsure about a title or subject, search YouTube for real estate agents in other cities and utilize their most viewed videos for title ideas.

Simply go on YouTube and search for [city other than yours] real estate. This will pop up several videos and content creators from that city. Click on the YouTube channel page for that content creator. Then click on the videos tab.

This will automatically pop up the videos they have produced with the latest video they have uploaded up top. At the top of the group of videos click on the popular tab. This will organize the most popular videos for this channel from top to bottom. Take the full title from the videos that have worked well for them and exchange their city’s name in the title with your city’s name. Now you have a video title with proven success.

Now we’re ready to ask ChatGPT something like the following:

Provide me with a YouTube SEO-optimized script for a video titled [title from top producing video from content creator in the other market exchanging their city’s name with yours].

For recording the video, you can use an app like Captions for Talking Videos that will allow you to copy the text from ChatGPT and paste it into the app where it will scroll the text for you during the recording close to the camera portion of your phone. This will make it appear that you are looking into the camera instead of reading from a script.

Once the video is recorded, upload it to your YouTube channel and upload the script as your video description. This will help YouTube understand exactly what the video is about so it can easily find your ideal audience.

5. Utilize ChatGPT to compound your content

We’ve covered four different platforms and how to utilize ChatGPT for each of these platforms, but why not take each of these posts, blog posts or videos and utilize them as the foundation for compounding the reach of your content on all other platforms?

For this example, let’s take the video script we had ChatGPT prepare for us in the previous section. Once ChatGPT provides you with the video script, ask it to convert that to an SEO-optimized LinkedIn blog post. Then ask it to convert it to an SEO-optimized post for Facebook, Instagram Reel, TikTok video or any other platform.

This is a great way to take a single piece of content and turn it into multiple formats for multiple platforms. The best thing is that ChatGPT does it in seconds.

There are only a few generational technologies that come along with the potential to revolutionize the efficiencies in our businesses. ChatGPT is one of these generational technologies. Take advantage of it now and the early adopters will be rewarded.


April 25, 2023

Randy Byrd, Team Leader & Coach

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