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5 Types of Realtor Videos that put Passive Prospecting on Autopilot

Video is the most impactful place for you to spend your marketing dollars, so here's how to ensure you're doing it right

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You know you should produce more video content, but are there certain videos that provide a greater opportunity for business growth? The answer is yes, and Noah Escobar, a 23-year-old agent with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida, is executing a five-video strategy that puts passive prospecting for his business on autopilot.

This strategy positions him for organic lead generation now and for years to come. Following a first year in the business with over $16 million in sales and pending contracts, these are the five types of videos he’s utilizing to avoid the common sophomore slump

1. Community Videos

The first type of videos Escobar is leveraging are community overview videos. These videos focus on specific neighborhoods or condominium developments. The videos are targeted to be around two minutes long with an overview of the community including the number of homes, amenities, and the location relative to local attractions.

By utilizing the tool TubeBuddy, Escobar is prompted with title options for the videos and tagging options that utilize keywords to increase organic traffic. So far, these videos have been able to reach the first page of YouTube search for the communities within a few days.

He uses GoDaddy to purchase a URL that includes the name of the community. He then points that URL to the search page for homes or condos currently available for sale in the community via his BoomTown website. This is the subtle lead capture call to action he uses that will compound his efforts over time.

Here is an example of one of his community videos that can be used as a model for your efforts.

2. Infrastructure Updates

The second type of videos that are garnering a lot of attention are his infrastructure videos. These are videos that focus on new development or infrastructure that will affect future growth. By preparing for and recording these videos, his knowledge of the area and his ability to share the details with potential clients is expanding as well.

One of his most popular videos highlights new infrastructure that is in process in Panama City Beach. This video generated over 1,000 organic views within the first week of posting. This is an example you can utilize to compose an infrastructure video for your local area.

3. New Community Updates

Many tract builders developing neighborhoods are lacking high-level video overviews that market the communities. Escobar saw this as an opportunity to highlight these communities, assist on-site agents with promotion, and to position himself for sales during the build-out portion of the development, but even more importantly, position himself as the agent of choice for resale opportunities in the future.

By being the first to produce video content for these new developments, he has been able to gain the top position for YouTube searches on the community immediately.

His process involves reaching out to an on-site agent and shooting a video with the following framework for the video:

  • Introduction

  • Amenity overview

  • Model home tour

  • Highlights of what makes this development unique

One of Escobar’s first new community videos was shared over 22 times with more than 500 minutes of watch time in the first 48 hours. Use this video as a model for a community video for your local market.

4) Home Tour Videos

The success of HGTV is driven by people’s desire to see beautiful homes. Leveraging that fact is where home tour videos come into his strategy. These tours provide a unique way for Escobar to add value to a seller, market a listing, and build a personal brand that attracts more clients.

These videos focus on making the home the star by highlighting the home’s best features and giving potential buyers the ability to preview the home before seeing it in person. The longer form videos are easily clipped into short-form content, expanding the marketing of the home and his brand on social media.

As a new agent last year with very few listings, he offered to pay for the videos highlighting the listings with a thank you to the listing agent in the video for allowing him to share it. This gave him the ability to begin building a catalog of listing videos he shares at listing appointments demonstrating the quality of unique marketing he will bring to the property to get it sold faster and at the highest price possible.

Check out this example video of one of his home tours that you can use as a model for your local videos.

5. Highlighting Local Builders and Local Charities

Escobar found success in his first year helping builders identify land and lots to build spec homes on. These transactions presented him with the opportunity to build relationships with several builders.

Highlighting these builders has been a great way for him to provide them value and to leverage the association and their reputation by appearing in the video with them. This provides potential clients with a comfort level and trust in his services to see him alongside these well-respected builders.

These videos offer another way for him to build his personal brand and the ability to strengthen the outside perspective of him as the total resource for local real estate information.

Here is an example of a builder interview video.

Escobar also believes in giving back to his local community. Interviewing local charities provides him with the opportunity to offer additional exposure to nonprofit organizations that are always looking for more exposure.

These videos provide potential clients with a glimpse into who he is, not only as a real estate agent but as a person. These videos are a unique way to give back to the local community that is giving so much to him. Here’s an example of one of these local nonprofit highlight videos.

There is an opportunity in nearly every local real estate market to become known as the local expert via video. The video examples shared above are an effective way to provide value and build your personal brand.

There are a lot of options for where you can spend your marketing dollars, but none provide the opportunity now and for future business growth more than video. So, what are you waiting for? Take action now by providing local video content and your perception as the local market expert will quickly follow.


May 23, 2023

Randy Byrd, Team Leader & Coach

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