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Find Out How This LA Agent Pulls 80% Of His Clients From YouTube

Darren Kriz's journey from amateur YouTuber to real estate superstar demonstrates the power of persistence, consistency, and a passion for learning

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When Darren Kriz, a Los Angeles-based real estate agent, started his YouTube channel in 2020, he could never have imagined that it would become a powerful marketing tool that would bring him a significant portion of his clients. Today, Kriz boasts nearly 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 600,000 on TikTok. He attributes 80 percent of his clients to his YouTube videos, where viewers see him as an authority in the real estate market.

Before diving into real estate full-time, Kriz played collegiate baseball and worked in property management and wholesaling. These experiences helped him build valuable skills, such as communication and understanding different personalities, which have been instrumental in shaping his real estate sales career.

How he got started

As a long-time consumer of YouTube, Kriz decided to combine his passion for content creation and real estate by using the platform to showcase luxury homes in the greater Los Angeles area. After a slow start, his channel took off, and now he has a dedicated following that appreciates his in-depth walkthroughs of stunning properties.

As an agent who serves a high-end clientele, Kriz has found a niche showcasing luxury homes, often featuring unique design elements and finishes. He’s also expanded his reach, creating videos in cities like Las Vegas, Miami and New York, with plans to explore even more locations in the future.

Although his videos focus primarily on luxury homes, Kriz’s day-to-day business caters to a wider range of clients. He admits that YouTube has helped raise his average sales price and believes his online presence and in-depth knowledge of design and architecture give him a competitive edge.

Sharing the secrets to YouTube success

One of the secrets to Kriz’s success is his consistency. He started by uploading videos every Sunday, then moved to a schedule of two videos per week. Over time, he’s adjusted his posting frequency to avoid burnout and maintain quality, now settling on one video per week.

Kriz also emphasizes the importance of engagement, keeping his audience hooked by minimizing pauses and frequently interacting with them through the camera. He measures the success of his videos based on their click-through rates and overall audience retention.

For real estate agents who want to replicate Kriz’s success, he recommends staying consistent and patient. It’s essential to understand that your first few videos may not be perfect, but with persistence and a commitment to learning, you can become an expert and grow your business through content creation.

In addition to consistency, Kriz suggests building quality connections within the industry, which will help you access more homes and expand your portfolio. By continually improving your content, you’ll carve out a niche for yourself and attract clients who value your expertise and trust your authority.

In summary, Darren Kriz’s journey from amateur YouTuber to real estate superstar demonstrates the power of persistence, consistency and a passion for learning. By following his blueprint and adapting it to your market, you too can use YouTube to grow your real estate business and stand out from the competition.


May 11, 2023

Randy Byrd, Team Leader & Coach

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