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How to Find the Right Real Estate Coach (and know it's a fit)

Understanding your business needs will enable you to choose the right type of coaching. Then, you can dive in deeper to find a coach who's the right fit.

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Hiring a coach can take your career to the next level by enabling you to see outside of the box you’re currently working within. We all only know what we know, and there is only so much we can learn on our own. Hiring a coach is one way to break through and achieve a new level of success.

However, connecting with the right coach is similar to finding the correct brokerage. It is a personal journey and will be guided by where you are in your real estate career. The right coach will also change throughout your career, so don’t expect to be with one coach forever. As you grow, so will your coaching needs.

Here are things to keep in mind when you’re searching for a real estate coach.

Evaluate your current coaching needs before searching for a coach

Before diving in and searching for a coach you’ll need to take stock of where you are and where you want to be. What type of coach will serve you best? Consider the following questions to analyze your needs better.

  • Do you need a coach to help you gain recognition to become a trusted source? Newer agents may lack credibility and a coach can assist them with breaking through that barrier.

  • Do you need assistance with marketing? If so, what type of marketing? For example, some coaches specialize in video marketing, while others specialize in direct or social media marketing. First, understand the kind of marketing on which you want to focus.

  • Do you need assistance with building or growing a team? If so, you’ll need someone to assist you with ideas for implementing hiring, onboarding, and processes to set your team up for success.

  • Do you work better with someone who holds you accountable, or do you hold yourself accountable? People who hold themselves accountable do not work well with a coach that micromanages.

  • Do you work better with a group or prefer one-on-one coaching? Sometimes, a group setting can be more stimulating (and less expensive) than one on one coaching because clients can bounce ideas off one another.

  • What budget can you afford to set aside for a coach?

Understanding your needs will enable you to choose the right type of coaching. Then, you can dive in deeper to find a coach who meets your specific needs.

Choosing an affordable coach is not the most important consideration

When I first began considering a coach, I worried about paying for the coach more than who I hired as a coach. That was the wrong approach.

After I committed to coaching, I learned the right coach would not cost me anything because my growth converted into increased production. A coach will assist in identifying areas of improvement, setting goals, and implementing processes to hit those goals.

Good coaches can help you increase earnings far beyond the cost of their coaching. Although affordability is a consideration, it should not be a top priority.

Choose a coach that fits your immediate needs

Our coaching needs will change as we grow and develop in our real estate careers. For example, some agents need assistance with lead generation, and others may need to build a team or hire support staff because they have more leads than they can handle.

Because needs are different and change often, one coach does not fit all. Only consider coaches that can assist you with where you are now and where you need to be. Then, when you achieve your goals, reflect on your new needs and evaluate if your coach is the right coach to get you to your next goal or if it’s time to reevaluate your coaching needs.

Some coaching companies can fit a coach to your needs and switch coaches as your needs change. Other coaches and companies specialize in one area, so they are more limited in how far you can grow with them. Achieving current goals with your coach is more important than the size or scope of their company.

Interview coaches before choosing one

Like you would interview an employee before hiring them, you should interview coaches before hiring one. Our needs are different, and so are our personalities. It would be best if you connected with your coach in a way that aids your success. The only way to know if that’s possible is to interview them.

When interviewing for a coach, ask questions about their coaching style. Ask them for examples of how they were able to help other coaching clients break through or identify barriers and ask if you can interview a few of their clients. The bottom line is to be confident that their personality, style, knowledge, and success fit your needs.

Know when it’s time to hire a new coach

Saying goodbye to a coach when they have helped you achieve success can be difficult, but there does come a time when a coach has helped you all they can, and it is time to move on to a new coach. You will know when that time comes.

When challenged, we grow. A new coach brings new challenges and new obstacles to overcome. So, keep your old coach as a friend and move on when your coach no longer challenges you or it becomes too comfortable.

When you’re ready to hire a coach, you will be confident you’ve chosen the right one once you reflect on your needs, interview coaches, and then select the one that fits your current needs best.


December 22, 2022

Randy Byrd, Team Leader & Coach

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