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Andre LaFountain

Andre LaFountain has been in the Real Estate Industry for over 32 years. Starting out in 1991 as a solo agent in NY to starting a team and becoming an Associate Broker of an Independent brokerage selling over 300 units per year with his partner and team. Andre was the #1 selling agent in his County for 7 years in a row prior to moving to GA in 2009 when he accepted a position as the Sales Director for a high-level real estate coaching company for 9 years. He helped agents grow their business to the next level, and he helped the coaching company grow from 100 members to 498. Then in 2019 he saw the eXp model, and he knew it was going to disrupt the real estate industry as he never saw an Agent Centric Company like this, ever before, and he wanted to be part of it. He left his six-figure, 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday position, that he planned on retiring from and started his real estate agent career over again from scratch in a new market at 49 years old. In the last 4 years at eXp, Andre has grown his global team to over 1000 partners in 35 states, 5 provinces of Canada, India, Mexico & Poland. Now he is earning 3 times more per month in passive income than he ever made as a coach and is more NET profitable than he ever was in his 32-year career with no liability and virtually no overhead. He now spends his days from his new place in FL, helping his partners grow their real estate businesses and is having a TON of FUN changing lives and doesn't have to charge his partners a dime for his help because of the Amazing eXp platform.
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