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176 Agent Organization

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1000 Agent Organization

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1000 Agent Organization

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153 Agent Organization



200 Agent Organization

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1400 Agent Organization

IMAGINE...having several Rock Star coaches as your business partners! Our Coaches make 6-figures annually of residual income through eXp and have proven success!

What if we partnered? Would it make a difference? 
Join our coaches with years of attraction success, and proven growth strategies. A proven path, system, and real-world results! Join the community and family. 
Attraction BOSS unlocks both your potential and helps you change the narrative. You KNOW what you should be doing. You KNOW you can do this. Others have, why not you? Well, it's discipline, tactics, skill set, and hard work. If it was easy, you would not be here! Let us help!  

The Attract BOSS family is a group COMMITTED to building a Life worth Living. We will learn tactics and practical disciplines to take your financial future to new levels. This is real world, real talk, real practice, and REAL RESULTS! Money-back guarantee if you don't see the immediate value! 
We're partnering you with the skills & lessons top performers have done. 
Several leaders have built 1000+ agent Organizations. 
So if you're ready to make the investment in yourself, get what you DESERVE!
Your Membership in the Attract Boss includes:
  • Group coaching calls for members only. There will be 3 live conference calls with Certified ATTRACT BOSS Coaches each month during the program. Our Coaches all make over a 6-figure rev share income and have 100's of agents, several with 1000+ agents! Each call will be LIVE training with our coaches and we'll bring guest leaders to level up your business, finances & life. LIKE A BOSS! 
  • YOUTUBE! YouTube is where ALL the top people are gaining attraction and growth. We will have a heavy posture on helping you make content, set up channels, video and camera equipment, live training, and all things video. We will focus on attraction BUT, you will see a boost in your sales business as a byproduct of shooting real estate content. This alone is worth $1000 a month! 
  • On Live Calls, we do Q&A. You'll have the chance to ask us the exact questions you need answers to in order to grow in business and life. Real talk, real answers. 
  • Like A Boss APP to gamify your attraction business.  You will have exclusive access to an APP we developed to track daily progress, participate in a weekly, monthly, and quarterly attraction challenge, and much more. You can set reminders, pick role-play partners and have fun doing attraction.  
  • 3-Way calls with coaches. This is a BIG request and we heard you. Many agents don't have a support system to help them grow. Here at Attract BOSS, we are your family! We operate as a group, an upline, and a support system like we personally enrolled you! You will get a private calendar for 3-way calls to schedule. Imagine having a PROVEN attractor and coach in your back pocket. Now you will! 
  • Support system for CRM Mastery. We teach you high-level attraction with CRMGROW. You can expect to have follow-up systems done with you such as automation, V.A. dialing options, and duplicatable processes for BOSS attraction. This is the missing link for most agents. 
  • ​You'll get 24/7 access to your Attract Boss family in a secret online WP and WhatsApp community, where you can interact and leverage the power of having an elite group of entrepreneurs and business leaders at your fingertips. Many resources, tools, shortcuts, and tricks of the trade. 
  • Get the opportunity to learn from us in person at Attract Boss Summits. Throughout the year, we will host various events that dive deep into specific topics, like marketing, company culture, leadership, and much more. As a member of Attract Boss, you will have the opportunity to apply to attend these for a reduced cost and bring guests for FREE! 
  • Form strategic bonds with fellow members to expand your business, and even create new business endeavors. We expect members to see Time & Financial FREEDOM as the main goal. Whether it's investments, opportunities, or a shared network, we will focus on passive income opportunities. 
  • BONUS: You'll start by getting some unreleased content, never-before-seen by the public. Learn the 5 cornerstone lessons of Attract Boss directly from Randy and the coaches which will lay the foundation for you to adopt and begin the BOSS lifestyle. Time and Financial FREEDOM! We want your passive and residual income to exceed your monthly expenses. THAT is what this is all about! 
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