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eXp Mentor Program

What is the Mentor Program?

Newly licensed real estate agents that join eXp Realty that have not completed a minimum of three real estate transactions in the previous twelve (12) months prior to joining are required to participate in eXp’s Mentor Program. Newly licensed agents with fewer than three transactions within the previous 12 months who join eXp Realty to serve on a team may be mentored by that team’s leader in place of participating in eXp’s Mentor Program.

The Mentor Program provides newly licensed agents a learning platform to gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. Each new agent, the “mentee,” is paired with an experienced agent who is a certified eXp University Mentor. This pairing occurs shortly after a new agent’s license is transferred to eXp Realty. Members of the Mentor Program team match mentees with mentors who share their geographic area and MLS.

Certified mentors must demonstrate proficiency in the field of real estate and be approved by the state broker team. The mentor’s objective is to provide guidance in a practical, hands-on way and to lead new eXp agents through each step of the process for their first three residential sales transactions.

The Mentor Program also includes a 10-module course on real estate fundamentals through “Mindflash,” eXp’s learning management system. These online courses allow agents to complete the training at their own pace and can be accessed at any time.


*All Rules pertaining to The Mentor Program at eXp are subject to State Specification and Regulations

and are subject to change to stay in compliance with local requirements.*


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