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Vylla Title Creates Strategic Partnership with eXp Commercial

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vylla Title, one of the nation’s leading full-service title and settlement providers, continues to accelerate its evolution from a provider of residential title services into a company that is uniquely positioned to provide nationwide commercial title services to investors, real estate brokerages, lenders and law firms. Recently, Vylla Title entered into a strategic partnership with eXp Commercial to provide national title and settlement services.

“Bringing residential-title-level workflow efficiencies to commercial title transactions for companies like eXp Commercial is an essential part of creating long-term customer relationships” “We are excited to be an eXp Partner of eXp Commercial,” said Tom Huddleston, EVP and Head of Vylla Title. “We feel this is just the beginning of a strategic partnership and expect to grow and strengthen the relationship during the coming years.”

eXp Commercial sought out Vylla Title because of its extensive use of such advanced technology as robotic process automation and machine learning, which has automated and accelerated key parts of title transactions while simultaneously allowing Vylla Title’s industry professionals to concentrate on providing exceptional personalized service, decreased turn times and efficiency for customers. eXp Commercial also admired Vylla Title’s centralized operations model, which provides eXp Commercial agents with a single point of contact to handle their transactions from start to finish. The technology, customer service and centralized operations offered by Vylla Title are perfectly suited for a large, cloud-based brokerage like eXp Commercial.

Vylla Title’s next-gen in-house technology, industry experience, highly automated processes and unique industry partnerships enable swift and efficient title transactions, with many complex title issues resolved in hours, rather than days. Online quoting tools allow customers to instantly calculate the estimated costs and estimate revenue gains for a variety of real estate transactions. Vylla Title’s robust banking integrations facilitate instant disbursement to customer accounts upon funding approval. A recently released iOS mobile app for clients in California allows up-to-date monitoring of the progress of closing.

To support the partnership with eXp, Vylla Title recently created a digital office area in eXp World, a cloud-based app that allows eXp Commercial agents to communicate, host presentations and meet digitally. Vylla Title employees, represented in the space by digital avatars, staff it daily to assist eXp Commercial agents who have questions and overall title needs. Vylla Title also maintains a page in eXp Workplace, an application for companies to allow easy collaboration and communication between remote, nationwide employees. Vylla provides ongoing content, engages with and shares helpful information to eXp Commercial agents.

“Bringing residential-title-level workflow efficiencies to commercial title transactions for companies like eXp Commercial is an essential part of creating long-term customer relationships,” said Huddleston. “We look forward to providing Vylla Title’s superior transaction experience to eXp Commercial and its customers.”

For more information on Vylla Title products and services, please visit, or call 888-375-1517 for residential services or 844-848-9618 for commercial services.

Randy Byrd, Team Leader & Coach

The Byrd House Team - Brokered by eXp Realty, License# 01878277

Licensed in California and Oregon. CA#01388021 & OR#201235026

​C​ell 541-570-5777 Team 541-526-7788. Office 707-775-0999

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