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Randy Byrd

Randy Byrd is a real estate coach and team leader of over 970 agents in eXp Realty International, a NASDAQ traded company (EXPI) currently in over 30 states and 4 countries. Coach "Byrdman" is a sought-after speaker, trainer, mentor, and coach. Randy is a US Coast Guard veteran with a proud history of service and contribution! 19 years as a Real Estate Broker, licensed in CA & OR, 30 years licensed as a General Contractor, Past Keller Williams Team Leader, Past Keller Williams Operating Principal, and full-time coach to top-performing teams and team leaders for 9 years. He coached for 4 years with Tom Ferry Coaching before starting his own brand, ByrdHouse Coaching in 2020. Joining Success Coaching in 2022, he is now a Performance Coach for SUCCESS as well.

Randy is the founder of many successful companies such as Byrdhouse Development Coaching, Attract BOSS Coaching, Crystal Executive of Isagenix International, a nutritional networking organization of over 30,000 members in his organization, host of “Like a Boss Podcast” and Tuesday Titans show, and Co-founder of Real Estate Bootcamp!

Randy is passionate about everything he does. This has led to great success with his event speaking and coaching industry leaders. Randy began his speaking career in 2005. Randy has shared the stage with legends like Dr. John Gray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Dr. Bill Andrews, Ph.D.- Molecular Biologist, and Noble prize-winning team member of Telomere Research. While serving his community as emcee for events like Peace Officer of the Year, Fireman of the Year, President of the Airshow, and a host of other public speaking engagements for private groups and community organizations.

Randy’s commitment to helping others is only rivaled by his commitment to his family. Randy has two sons, Kody and Tanner who run all construction operations today, and a beautiful Fiancee Kursti. Randy splits his time between Oregon and Puerto Rico and loves to travel the country. "

I want to help others create TIME & FINANCIAL" freedom through leverage and systems all while building a legacy that will bless their families for generations to come"
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